Male Extra Reviews – Here’s My [2018] Updated Results

Boundless options become available when we talk about male enhancement pills.

Those who are looking for penis development formulas while wishing for energy boosters and safety at the same time have to make a thoughtful and sensible decision as a wrong one could result in entirely opposite of what they desire.

Male Extra can be the exact product that most men look for as it combines a unique formula of healthy ingredients that mainly target the penile area and blood circulation there.

It works without causing any side effects and providing men with longer and stronger penis erecting harder than before.

Many scientific studies have been made in favor of Male Extra especially at the Science University & Research Centre.

Male Extra has no match or competition with other relative products in the market as the results it affirms and produces are matchless.

The producers of the product are so self-assured and have some wonderful offers for those believing in their creation.

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Here comes the most important question that does Male Extra performs exactly what it claims. So many counterparts in the market work for the blood flow increment in the penile area but what makes Male Extra different is its quality of fine and incredible ingredients that also focus on the creation of nitric oxide in the body which is the foremost reason behind harder erections. Nitric oxide patches have numerously been used by experts to produce stronger erections where needed but no one could ever execute what Male Extra does.


Every supplement’s quality depends on the ingredients used and combined together. The selection of right ingredients is very important when it comes to product’s safety. Male Extra makes use of clinically proven and well known ingredients safe and essential for male power and health.

  • Pomegranate

Male Extra is the first dick product to contain 40% Pomegranate ellagic as one of its main ingredients.

Each pill of Male Extra contains 500mg of the ingredient. It is proven by numerous studies that Pomegranate 40% ellagic has antioxidant properties incredibly effectual for fighting against prostate cancer.

  • L-Arginine & MSM

This amino acid ingredient significantly contributes to the penile cell health since its intake produces nitric oxide which is the most essential thing for harder erections.

It widens blood vessels in the penile area to support smooth blood stream for firm erections. Penile cells tend to lose their natural elasticity when blood flow gets poor.

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane which promotes healthy cells production which eventually grounds harder erections.

  • Creatine & Cordyceps

Creatine naturally occurs in the body and pops up stamina and muscle tissues throughout the body.

Since this is one of the ingredients of Male Extra, so the product’s efficiency can be imagined and assured for the solid production of ATP and energy levels. Creatine deficiency in the body may cause muscle retrenchment.

This ingredient, whose name is derived from two Greek words that when translated are “Club head”, excites libido and needed stamina.

  • Zinc

We all know the importance of zinc in our body. It really plays an important role in enhancing male power and sperm health. Researchers have shown that men fail to get enough of zinc intake required on daily basis. Male Extra tends to remove this deficiency and has 45mg of zinc in each of its pills.

Testimonials and user reviews affirm that after following the advised schedule the consumers can really get a 2.6 inches increase in the size of their penis within 3 to 6 months of its usage. Consumers should make a note to not to ignore the recommended usage and routine.

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They should also not expect great results too soon; they need to be patient as it will never go unrewarded. Male Extra is a pill that takes your overall body condition in account and not a magic pill to do wonder overnight. Furthermore, the recommended schedule is very thoughtfully designed for positive results which may take time but will appear without causing any harm for sure.

Based on numerous factors i.e. physical health and condition, Male Extra results will vary from person to person. Those who follow the advised usage and regimen can actually get a 8 inches increase in their penis size.

Over and above the penis size, daily usage of Male Extra increases the libido urge and power while having sex. Women do appreciate size of the penis but a longer and active than normal sexual period is what they love and are crazy about. It can happen with the use of Male Extra.


Male Extra does not include any drug having dangerous effects. Ingredients used in it are all natural. There would be no side effect it is used as per the regimen advised and recommended. Male Extra can be used without any prescription which is another proof of its being a safe product.

Though, there have been a few submissions of stomach spasms and nausea in the users allergic to Creatine included in Male Extra. Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body so before purchasing the product one should go through the amount of the ingredient used in it to make sure they won’t get suffered with any side-effect. However there are no reviews stating any serious side effects.


While ordering Male Extra you are given with multiple options for payment and shipping. Male Extra is internationally sold to UK, US, Australia and Canada.

The company based in the UK provides a 24/7 customer service to satisfy any of your queries related to the product. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. More details on it can be seen on the official site.

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Seeing the following review from one of its users, we would definitely recommend Male Extra to you:

“I gained more than 1 inch in penis size which was the coolest thing. The actual amount with this product was closer to inch and a half. The size increase was noticeable in length, and hardly at girth of penis. But I did something to get even more results… bigger results, so to speak.”

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