Male Extra Vs Vigrx Plus

To master the art of sex, men need herculean power in bed. Indeed, convincing women is no easy job and if it’s about sex, the challenge seems to be more complex.

There are pills, sprays, contraptions and many other related products for men to boost their sexual health and sexual power.

Whether or not all these products work, are safe or worth trusting is a different topic, what we are here for is discussing the two very successful and satisfying male enhancement supplements that will never let you down in bed.

 Interestingly, our brief, but precise write-up will help you decide which one of these two leading products is more compliant with your set of needs!

So, let’s begin!


Male Extra is for men who want to prolong their intimate moments and make them special.

Basically, it empowers you to take the lead in bed and make her feel your passion for her.

The supplement is all about extra timing and so it is specifically good for the erections.

With a tried and tested mechanism, Male Extra enables you to perform better and make your experience memorable.

Precisely, it offers the following benefits to the users.

The benefits:

  • It boosts the overall erectile health, making the erections longer, harder and stronger.
  • Has a role in penile elongation.
  • Helps with more sexual stamina and energy.
  • Supports satisfying orgasms.
  • Boosts libido and adds level to the sexual performance.


Vigrx plus is another promising male enhancement product with benefits you cannot afford to miss.

It is a very successful brand that can help you enjoy more under the sheets.

Vigrx plus is a fast acting formula that will give you the expected results in days.

The male enhancement is more advisable for a higher sex drive and erections that can give you the best possible pleasure.

The benefits:

  • It increases the time and strength of erection.
  • It is a great aid for penile elongation.
  • It takes your sex drive through the roof.
  • It also enables solid erections for higher orgasmic pleasure.
  • It empowers you to upgrade your performance level in bed.


By now, it is pretty much clear that Male Extra and Vigrx Plus are very promising products, however, you may be looking forward to know which one of these two offers superior quality and value than the other.

So to help you with that, let’s consider some essential aspects and judge the best male enhancement on the basis of these factors:

  • Product Efficiency:

The first consideration while we compare two successful products is their efficiency, that is, which is likely to perform better than the other. So in the case of Male Extra and VigRx plus, VigRx plus takes the lead.

It is likely to provide you better gains and more quality erections – well; this is what the researchers say!

  • Price:

Before making a decision, an important consideration all of us take is the price of the product we ought to buy. If we decide the best on the basis of price, then Male Extra will trump VigRx plus. It is surely, an economical option against VigRx plus.

  • Ingredients:

When it comes to the ingredient, their quality and their effectiveness, VigRx plus wins over Male Extra again! With ingredients like Bioperine, Damiana, Epimedium leaf extract, Gingko Biloba, Red Ginseng and many other essential elements, the product can take your sex life to a whole new level.

  • Clinical Trials:

Since Male Extra is a recent introduction, therefore, nothing can be said about its long term effects on the sexual health. Secondly, there is a need for more and more research on it. Here again, the other male enhancement scores the most as it is a thoroughly tested product with proven efficiency.

  • Money back guarantee:

Since both the products are supplied with a remarkable money back guarantee period, therefore, the risk of losing money with either of these falls low.

  • Side effects:

Male Extra and VigRx plus, both, are boasted to be free of side effects. Luckily, these claims are proven to be right by the investigators. So yes, there isn’t a health threat with any of the male enhancements.

A Quick Comparison

  Male Extra VigRX Plus
Ingredients All Natural All Natural
Efficacy Good Best
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 67 Days
Side Effects NO NO
Price per bottle(Annual supply) $38.24 $40.83


If you aim to be a monster love machine and have miserably failed with other male enhancements, you have these two successful products to benefit from.

But of course, you cannot use both in a given time and surely need to know what is more accommodating for you.

So it’s Male Extra, a male enhancement that can best yield the results for you. Be it efficiency, clinical trials or ingredients, the supplement scores the most in almost every significant aspect.

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Male Extra Vs SizeGenetics

As the men progress in aging, there are many issues they need to face. Among all the health problems, the most critical issue is the lack or loss of masculinity.

Most of the men experience erectile dysfunction, lower libido and lack of sexual driver, which in turn affects negatively on their personal life and relationships.

Though, the market is completely overloaded with the male enhancement supplements that claim to be a real problem solver for your manhood issues.

However, most of the formulas are not trustworthy and accompanied with the herd of side effects.

If you want to resolve your male issues without getting your health involved with the harmful effects of these supplements, you should choose the male enhancement supplement that are backed up with strong formulations and good customer reviews.

When we talk about the male enhancement pills, devices, and supplements, two of the most popular names that come to our mind are Male Extra and Size Genetics.

Both these products have gained massive popularity among the men due to their effective results within a short span of time.

Both of the formulas contain amazing ingredients that can make your sex life a pleasurable one.

For your convenience, we are carrying out an honest comparison of both Male Extra and Size Genetics in this review, so that you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Know About Them

Male Extra:

Male Extra is a powerful male enhancement supplement that is designed with natural ingredients for men of all ages.

The supplement is available worldwide, and comes in the form of pills. Male Extra supplement consists of slow acting pills, which means they are free from any harmful stimulants that can cause bad effects in men with heart issues.

The power of Male Extra lies in its natural formulated pills that contain L-Arginine as the primary ingredient. L-Arginine has been known as the male enhancing ingredient, as it relaxes the muscle surrounding the penis to relax during erection, thus allowing the increased blood flow towards penis at a rapid rate to make erections harder and bigger.

With the use of Male Extra supplement, more blood flow will be allowed with each subsequent erection. The whole theory means that your penis size will get much bigger after each subsequent erection.

Besides increasing the size of the penis and making your erections better, Male Extra will also fueled up your body with increased energy and boosted sexual drive.

It is also recommended by manufacturers to follow the penile exercises along with Male Extra pills to overcome erectile dysfunction difficulties.

Size Genetics:

If you want to get a bigger penis without using any oral supplementation, then Size Genetics is just the right product for you.

Size Genetics is a male enhancement device, which is also known as penis extender.

You need to attach this device to your penis and wear for several hours a day to achieve great gains, in terms of both length and girth.

Though, Size Genetics is an effective male enhancement device at its own, but it can also be taken along male enhancement pills to maximize your size gains.

Size Genetics will help you to gain your penis size with the increased blood flow. Also, your libido will skyrocketed to your gains to bring more pleasure to your sexual experience.

How it Works?

Male Extra: Male Extra actually works to make the erections harder by increasing the blood flow towards penis.

It is recommended by the manufacturers to take 3 pills of Male Extra daily to gain the maximum benefits.

The use of Male Extra will help you last longer in bed and you will definitely notice a big difference in your initial penis size within few weeks.

The size gains with Male Extra will be temporary and to keep up with the good size, you have to take the product for a longer period of time.



Size Genetics: It is an efficient device, usually known as a penis extender that you put around or on your penis. Size Genetics will cause your penis to stretch and then grow gradually.

The regular wearing of device for several hours will enable your penis to be longer both at rest and in a state of arousal.

You have to select the correct size to encourage a small amount of growth, and apply Size Genetics to your penis and wear it for several hours during the whole day.

By doing this practice daily for a few months, Size Genetics will help you in gaining the size.


Male Extra: Following are some of the benefits you will enjoy while using Male Extra male enhancement pills.

  • It helps you in getting bigger and harder erections
  • You will last longer than ever during sexual interactions
  • It helps you in getting longer, and more intense orgasms
  • It enhances your energy and sexual drive
  • It helps in increasing your penis size, both length and girth.
  • Exercise DVD Is a major plus
  • It has no harmful side effects
  • It comes with a money back guarantee
  • You can get great deals and discounts on their official site

Size Genetics: Following are some of the benefits that come along with the use of Size Genetics:

  • Size Genetics is a potential male enhancement device that works for a lot of guys
  • It is backed up with really good customer reviews.
  • It helps in increasing your penis length in the most natural way.
  • It is comfortable to wear for several hours of the day
  • You can see massive growth when used in conjunction with male enhancement pills
  • It comes with a money back guarantee
  • Size Genetics works towards male enhancement on the principle of traction.


Quick Comparison

Both Male Extra and Size Genetics are actually different male enhancement things. Check out its quick comparison.


Male Extra

Size Genetics

Purpose Improve your sex life with harder erections

Improve stamina and libido

Lengthen the penis size.

Want to get the straighter penis

Money-Back Guarantee 6 months 6 months
Type Male enhancement pills Penis extender
Use 3 pills a day Several hours a day


Final Words

Both Male Extra and Size Genetics are an excellent choice for male enhancement and penis size. Both the products are proven to improve your sexual life and masculinity.

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