2017’s Best Male Enhancement Pills

A vital thing to any man is his primary instrument of exchange. The device that characterizes him. That makes him a man. That is none other than his masculinity.

The PENIS. Numerous sexually dynamic men get a kick out of the chance to boast to their partners about how they had intercourse with their life partners until they achieved climax.

Be that as it may, to some other men, they grovel and psychologist to their shells promptly they begin listening to these stories.

They feel embarrassed.

All that is on the grounds that they know somewhere down in their mind that they are not ready to fulfill their women’s sexual needs and desire since they have a little measured penis.

This issue of sub-standard estimated penis has pestered many individuals. Researchers have likewise spent a ton of restless night looking for a solution for that issue.

This issue is however not any more, after the revelation of penis extension pills.

These are pills that when a man takes, the size (length and circumference) of his penis increments.

A portion of the best male improvement pills which are turned out to be 100% working include:

  1. Male Extra
  2. Vigrx Plus.

#1 Male Enhancement Pills – Male Extra

Fulfilling sex – for both you and your accomplice – depends on a decent, hard, enduring erection. What’s more, a great, hard, enduring erection depends on blood stream.

Male Extra™ utilizes an effective combination of demonstrated characteristic fixings to build the size, hardness and manageability of your erections by expanding blood stream to your penis.

Amid an erection, the tissues in your penis load with blood. The more blood these tissues hold, the greater and harder your penis gets to be.

Male Extra™ extends the veins prompting to the erectile tissues in your penis, expanding the stream of blood to them when you have an erection.

This expansion in blood stream to your penis gives you greater, harder, longer enduring erections, and empowers you to encounter more grounded, more extraordinary climaxes.

That is not all.

Enhanced blood stream additionally implies oxygen and supplements are conveyed substantially more rapidly to your phones, postponing weariness and boosting your stamina amid sex.

With Male Extra™ you can give your accomplice what they truly need with shake hard erections and throughout the night resilience.

  • Supercharge your sexual coexistence and increment your room certainty
  • Get greater, harder, longer enduring erections and more exceptional climaxes
  • Completely fulfill your join forces with super stamina and throughout the night backbone
  • Fulfillment ensured with our 60 day unconditional promise



Male Extra are the primary dick pills to incorporate Pomegranate 40% ellagic as a component of it center fixings. Every pill contains 500 mg of the organic product. Late research has demonstrated Pomegranate 40% ellagic has cell reinforcement properties that have appeared to be powerful in battling prostate growth.


L-Arginine is an amino corrosive that is a noteworthy benefactor to cell wellbeing. As it separates in the body, it produces nitric oxide. With regards to male wellbeing and firm erections, nitric oxide is basic. It expands the veins in the penis, and builds the blood stream so that a firm erection is conceivable. Since the penile cells are versatile, poor blood stream causes these cells to lose some of their flexibility after some time if not appropriately provided with blood.


(Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is another fixing whose object is to help with the improvement of sound cells. Insufficiencies of MSM that are available in penile cells can possibly make them be powerless or unbending, meddling with a typical and full erection.


Creatine is an actually happening substance in the body that is in charge of providing vitality all through the body, however particularly muscle tissue. By adding this fixing to Male Extra, clients can be guaranteed of the unfaltering production of ATP, and subsequently, higher vitality levels. Low creatine levels can be in charge of poor muscle development and withdrawal.


The beginning of this amusing sounding word originates from two Greek words that means “club head.” Including it is as common as the plant itself. They are incorporated into Male Extra as a way to enhancing sexual vitality and longing.


Zinc is a component that assumes a noteworthy part in male wellbeing, notwithstanding for men who are not looking for best male enhancer. There is adequate confirmation to demonstrate that zinc has an essential place in advancing sperm wellbeing. There is additionally adequate proof that most men don’t get enough zinc in their day by day eats less. Male Extra straightforwardly addresses the issue by including a 45 mg. supporter of zinc in each pill.


#2 Male Enhancement Pills – VigRx Plus

Vigrx Plus is an item made following 10 years of research. It guarantees a firm and intense erection accordingly achieving effective climaxes and better sexual experience.

This is basically due to the diverse fixings that are contained in the Vigrx Plus male upgrade pill. Vigrx Plus additionally has a 71% ensured change.

The Vigrx Plus male improvement pill is comprised of fixings, for example,

  • Ginkgo Biloba-An intense impetus for boosting sexual execution.
  • Damiana-an intense Spanish fly which furnishes the client with a harder erection and sexual backbone.
  • Epimedium leaf separate A compound that draws out a greater and harder penile erection by opening up the nitric oxide’s range levels and unwinding the corpus cavernosum’s bulk.
  • Catuba bark extricate which helps with boosting one’s sex drive.
  • Panax Ginseng-which goes about as a love potion in this manner boosting one’s sex drive.
  • Muira Pauma bark concentrate to expand one’s sexual moxie and intensity.
  • Saw palmeto berry-A sexual stimulant and moxie enhancer.

From the above fixings, you will see that the fixings were chosen on the premise of increment in a people charisma and sex drive upgrade.

When one begins taking Vigrx Plus, the impacts are immediately observed.

After taking it, one will find that he has an expansion in blood vascularity and flow in the penis, wealthier sexual sensations, super charisma, sexual hyper-sturdiness, an incredible penis estimate and long-standing erections.

This male improvement pill should be taken twice per day for around 3 months. Amid the time when it is utilized, the penis will increment by 2-4 inches.

Aside from expanding the measure of the penis, Vigrx Plus is likewise essential in some different ways. It helps with the treatment of prostate adenoma, early stage of prostatitis and erectile brokenness.

One excellence and good thing to all individuals with little penises who settle on utilizing this pill is that the outcomes are lasting and it is even affirmed and proposed by specialists.

Male Extra Reviews – Here’s My 2017 Results

Boundless options become available when we talk about male enhancement pills.

Those who are looking for penis development formulas while wishing for energy boosters and safety at the same time have to make a thoughtful and sensible decision as a wrong one could result in entirely opposite of what they desire.

Male Extra can be the exact product that most men look for as it combines a unique formula of healthy ingredients that mainly target the penile area and blood circulation there.

It works without causing any side effects and providing men with longer and stronger penis erecting harder than before.

Many scientific studies have been made in favor of Male Extra especially at the Science University & Research Centre.

Male Extra has no match or competition with other relative products in the market as the results it affirms and produces are matchless.

The producers of the product are so self-assured and have some wonderful offers for those believing in their creation.

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Here comes the most important question that does Male Extra performs exactly what it claims. So many counterparts in the market work for the blood flow increment in the penile area but what makes Male Extra different is its quality of fine and incredible ingredients that also focus on the creation of nitric oxide in the body which is the foremost reason behind harder erections. Nitric oxide patches have numerously been used by experts to produce stronger erections where needed but no one could ever execute what Male Extra does.


Every supplement’s quality depends on the ingredients used and combined together. The selection of right ingredients is very important when it comes to product’s safety. Male Extra makes use of clinically proven and well known ingredients safe and essential for male power and health.

  • Pomegranate

Male Extra is the first dick product to contain 40% Pomegranate ellagic as one of its main ingredients.

Each pill of Male Extra contains 500mg of the ingredient. It is proven by numerous studies that Pomegranate 40% ellagic has antioxidant properties incredibly effectual for fighting against prostate cancer.

  • L-Arginine & MSM

This amino acid ingredient significantly contributes to the penile cell health since its intake produces nitric oxide which is the most essential thing for harder erections.

It widens blood vessels in the penile area to support smooth blood stream for firm erections. Penile cells tend to lose their natural elasticity when blood flow gets poor.

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane which promotes healthy cells production which eventually grounds harder erections.

  • Creatine & Cordyceps

Creatine naturally occurs in the body and pops up stamina and muscle tissues throughout the body.

Since this is one of the ingredients of Male Extra, so the product’s efficiency can be imagined and assured for the solid production of ATP and energy levels. Creatine deficiency in the body may cause muscle retrenchment.

This ingredient, whose name is derived from two Greek words that when translated are “Club head”, excites libido and needed stamina.

  • Zinc

We all know the importance of zinc in our body. It really plays an important role in enhancing male power and sperm health. Researchers have shown that men fail to get enough of zinc intake required on daily basis. Male Extra tends to remove this deficiency and has 45mg of zinc in each of its pills.

Testimonials and user reviews affirm that after following the advised schedule the consumers can really get a 2.6 inches increase in the size of their penis within 3 to 6 months of its usage. Consumers should make a note to not to ignore the recommended usage and routine.

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They should also not expect great results too soon; they need to be patient as it will never go unrewarded. Male Extra is a pill that takes your overall body condition in account and not a magic pill to do wonder overnight. Furthermore, the recommended schedule is very thoughtfully designed for positive results which may take time but will appear without causing any harm for sure.

Based on numerous factors i.e. physical health and condition, Male Extra results will vary from person to person. Those who follow the advised usage and regimen can actually get a 8 inches increase in their penis size.

Over and above the penis size, daily usage of Male Extra increases the libido urge and power while having sex. Women do appreciate size of the penis but a longer and active than normal sexual period is what they love and are crazy about. It can happen with the use of Male Extra.


Male Extra does not include any drug having dangerous effects. Ingredients used in it are all natural. There would be no side effect it is used as per the regimen advised and recommended. Male Extra can be used without any prescription which is another proof of its being a safe product.

Though, there have been a few submissions of stomach spasms and nausea in the users allergic to Creatine included in Male Extra. Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body so before purchasing the product one should go through the amount of the ingredient used in it to make sure they won’t get suffered with any side-effect. However there are no reviews stating any serious side effects.


While ordering Male Extra you are given with multiple options for payment and shipping. Male Extra is internationally sold to UK, US, Australia and Canada.

The company based in the UK provides a 24/7 customer service to satisfy any of your queries related to the product. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. More details on it can be seen on the official site.

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Seeing the following review from one of its users, we would definitely recommend Male Extra to you:

“I gained more than 1 inch in penis size which was the coolest thing. The actual amount with this product was closer to inch and a half. The size increase was noticeable in length, and hardly at girth of penis. But I did something to get even more results… bigger results, so to speak.”

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Male Extra GNC & Amazon

Do you know the true value of pomegranate for your sexual health? Perhaps, no! Undoubtedly, it is a powerhouse of health, however, when it comes to the male’s sexual health, pomegranate is said to work like Viagra! That’s right!

According to the research, this super fruit can greatly aid men with stronger and longer erections!

That is, it can help you last longer and can add more to your satisfaction level.

Pomegranate further helps to increase sexual pleasure and is extremely beneficial for your sex drive!

All in all, pomegranate is the key to better sex.

A male enhancement product by the name Male Extra is getting an excellent response from the customers these days!

Men who have tested Male Extra have reported to experience great time in bed.

They believe that their sex life has improved to a drastic level and nothing has ever benefitted their sexual health to this point. So, what is so magic creating in Male Extra?

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Yes, it is its pomegranate content! Male Extra contains the right proportion of pomegranate needed to boost your sexual health, naturally.

Not just the sexual health, the product is best proven to improve your sexual performance to the greatest.


Indeed, Male Extra is a must grab male enhancement product for men who cannot compromise on less, however, visiting Male Extra GNC for the purchase is not the right thing to do!

Reason, GNC does not sell Male Extra and thus has no stock of this male enhancement brand.

Apart from GNC, Wal-Mart, Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe too, do not deal in Male Extra.

Well, this may sound worrisome to the frequent visitors of these retail stores, but trust me, this is no less than a blessing in disguise for we, the customers!


Male Extra can be purchased through its original manufactures, exclusively. The company reserves the right to market and sell Male Extra for a number of reasons. For Example:

  1. To keep its price within the affordable range.
  2. To maintain a direct contact with the consumers.
  3. To rightly address all kind of questions related to the product.
  4. To develop a strong customer base through quality service.

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While you visit the official website of Male Extra, you will simply be surprised to know that the company has lot to offer its valued customers. More than what you may actually expect!

  • You can get Male Extra at the most reasonable and retail price from its makers.
  • Customers can avail attractive discounts and free items on extra purchases.
  • The company does not charge anything in the name of delivery fees. Yes, the delivery of Male Extra is Free worldwide.
  • What more is needed when your purchasing involves no kind of monetary risks? The makers, being very sure of the effectiveness of Male Extra, back the purchase with 60 days money back guarantee.


Infertility has many kinds and one of its commonly prevailing kinds is Erectile Dysfunction. Though, the condition is not health affecting, however can has a great toll on your romantic relations.

The causes of Erectile dysfunction are many, however, one common reason is aging.

Men with erectile dysfunction could not last longer in bed, whilst, with softer erections, they mostly leave their partners unsatisfied in bed.

Of course, this is the biggest turn off for women which can ultimately strain a healthy relation. Other common problems in males are low sex drive and poor sexual stamina.

Sex is important and works to intensify the bonding between the two, however, common sexual problems in men like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive can cause great damage, and thus needs immediate steps to be fixed.


A fusion of some very powerful sex stimulants, Male Extra is no less than a blessing for men. The formula has the potential to make the impossible, possible for you! From low sex drive to experiencing powerful orgasms, it works on all the aspects to bring back the faded allure in your sex life.

With Male Extra, you can simply:

  • Enjoy long-lasting erections.
  • Harder and powerful penetrations.
  • Increase sexual pleasure and charm.
  • Intensify your sex drive.
  • Fuel up your sexual stamina.
  • Control your ejaculations.


Fortunately, extracting the desired results from Male Extra does not involve any kind of risk for your health. In order to boost your sexual health safely, the manufacturers of Male Extra have ensured to use natural ingredients. Having an FDA approved tag further indicates the safety and risk-free nature of Male Extra.


Simply cut the wait and click on to the official website of Male Extra to place your order today!

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Can i Buy Male Extra at Amazon, eBay, Walmart or GNC Store?

Men with small penis size live a miserable and pitiful life because they can’t satisfy their partners the way they wish to, and after a while, their partners leave them. It is also very hard for them to find a partner, because no one wants to stay with such people, who can’t satisfy them and make them happy.

Perfection is very important for every person, so everyone definitely wants to have a perfect body. For women, it is all about curves and slim figure, while for men, they have to have a good looking muscular body as well as a strong and bigger penile size.

There is no need to worry about the smaller penis size, because there is now a treatment available for such problem, and it will naturally increase your penis size, without harming your reproductive system.

Male Extra™ offers a penile enhancement product, which anybody can use to increase the size and girth of the penis. It is a natural method, which does not use any artificial methods and surgeries to improve the penis size. Although, it takes some time to show results, but the increase in size will last longer, so you will definitely enjoy the gains for the rest of your life.


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How it Works?

The user of the Male Extra™ needs to use regularly, so it can provide you the desired results. It is in the form of supplements, which are easy to use. If it is used according to the instructions given in the manual, then it will help you in better orgasms and penetration. It improves your sexual activities and overall reproduction system. It will improve your penile health, so you can enjoy in the bedroom and satisfy your partner as well.


  • It can provides immediate results
  • The results will last long, if you use Male Extra™
  • It will help in increasing both the size – length, and girth of the penis
  • It will also help in strengthening the penis in a natural way
  • It provides positive results to a person of any age
  • The supplement form makes it easy for the users to use it
  • It also helps a lot in building confidence level in bed
  • It is simple for anybody to use
  • There are no side effects related to the use of the product


  • It may not provide similar results to every user
  • Its price is higher than other enhancement products in the market

Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe to use, and offers no harm to the health. But, it is better to ask your doctor about the product, so you can be safe from any harm. Otherwise, it will cause no damage to penis and overall health.

What Are the Results?

You will gain an increase in penile size and will also experience girth as well. The results will be safe, quick and long lasting, and there is no need to worry about how to use it, you will get a complete guide to know about its use.

Checkout the all Natural Male Extra Ingredients and see how it works to enhance male sexual health.

How to Get:

There are different sources that have offered, which you can get easily. You then have to visit the online webpage for the purchase of the product, and then after filling the required information, you will be directed to the page where you have to input the code you got and then Voila!

Where to Buy It Online?

You have to visit the online website of the Male Extra™, to get your product, so visit it today and grab your product, so you can get the benefit of the rates. So, hurry up, because the offer will end up soon.

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Male Extra Review: Reasons Why It’s One Of The Best Enhancement Options

Male extra is a name known to many men. It is amongst the most sought after sex enhancement pills, men consider for the improvement of their sexual health. It is a clinically proven formula that helps to boost your sexual confidence. Saying this would not be wrong that Male Extra is the ultimate sex enhancement supplement that works to spice up your sexual life! From improving virility to the quality of your erections, Male extra is something that deals with almost every basic sex related problem in men!

Characteristics of Male Extra:

  • Male extra is a proven solution for men going through problems like Erectile Dysfunction, low libido etc.
  • It is endorsed and recommended by many professional sexologists, all around the world.
  • It is listed amongst the most effective sex enhancement products ruling the industry nowadays.
  • It comes with complementary educational material for you to improve your penile health.
  • It works through a very natural mechanism, while its continuous usage leads to lasting results.
  • It comes with a sixty days money back guarantee, so that one can easily make the purchase free from risk.
  • The supplement is easy on pocket and free from side effects.

The benefits of using Male Extra:

Male extra is a product that is intended to boost your sexual life. Benefits associated with this supplement are not just limited to better erections and sex drive, but are many to mention. Interestingly, it improves your overall sexual health without turning detrimental.

The core benefits of Male Extra are:

  1. To start with, a sex enhancement supplement like male extra is extremely beneficial in improving the quality of erections. A quality erection is marked by erections that last for a longer period of time, say, longer enough for you to reach the peak of satisfaction! Besides, it also helps with hard rock erections, so that she can also double her pleasure in bed with you!
  2. Male extra helps to boost your stamina levels. The more stamina and energy you have in bed, the more you can enjoy your intimacy!
  3. It improves your sex drive for you to feel her more!
  4. Using Male Extra, men can actually improve their sexual performance, naturally.
  5. It continuous usage for a period of 3-6 months will enable you to improve the size of penis by 0.8 to 2.6 inches, during erections.
  6. Using Male extra, men can actually improve their virility, something that greatly attracts and magnetizes women!
  7. It will enable you to witness her orgasm several times during the intercourse.
  8. Male extra will also help you with intense orgasms.
  9. It is a composition of very potent, yet natural ingredients that contributes to better sexual health. Few of these are pomegranate, L-arginine, MSM, creatine etc.
  10. Male extra works by improving the blood circulation to your genital areas. This does not only helps with stronger and longer erections, but also works favorably for the improvement of your sexual health.
  11. Male extra works to enhance your overall sex health, all through natural means. This means that while using Male Extra, you can simply enjoy sex without fearing for side effects associated with other sex enhancement products.

Why is Male Extra amongst the best sex enhancement option?

Male Extra is a supplement that is justifiably positioned in the list of best sex enhancement supplements ruling the market. Below mentioned are few grounds that are convincing enough for every single man to agree that Male Extra is and will be the best enhancement option for them:

  1. It targets several sex related concerns all in one pill! From low libido to poor erections, Male extra is all that will work to improve your overall sexual health.
  2. The ingredients of Male Extra are all natural which eliminates the possibilities of potential risks and side effects, some much known male enhancement products lead to.
  3. It is chiefly composed of pomegranate, a super fruit acknowledged for its sex enhancement properties.
  4. Unlike other products, Male Extra is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Interestingly, it is endorsed and commonly recommended by medical practitioners to men with related concerns.
  5. The product is affordable for an average earning consumer.
  6. It comes with FREE educational material so that you can do lot more to improve your sexual health.
  7. The product is backed by a money back guarantee of 60 days. By this, you can easily claim your money back, if Male Extra fails to come up to your expectations.

So, this was Male Extra, a supplement that deserves to be listed amongst the most effective and powerful sex enhancement products. Order Male extra at avail attractive discounts today!

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Knowing everything about your penis is very important for apparent reasons! It is the sign of your manhood, organ that helps to reproduce and most importantly, an indicator of your general health! Yes, you heard it right; it is an indicator of your overall health! How, you will get to know in this piece of writing!

There are certain things that falls into the category of things you ‘must-know’ about your penile, so what are these things, and why are these important to be known, have a look:


Well, the penile size of porn stars is more like a desire for every man, however, one thing that needs to be understood is that the average size of a penile during erection is supposed to be 5” whereas 3.5” while it is flaccid. Thus, you do not need to worry if your penis does not length as big as the ones of porn stars! To your surprise, there are other things like physical appearance, bonding and quality erections that matters more to women!

Yet, if you still feel your penis size smaller enough to please your girl in bed, you can do lot more to increase few inches naturally! Yes, you heard it right! Male Extra, is a proven formula that can help you increase your penile size by up to 2.8”! Apart from this, the supplement is also considered by men willing to boost their sexual health!


Penile curvature is common in men of all ages. It is marked by a penis that is either slightly or considerably bent towards left or right side. Interestingly, a slight bend is known to cause no harm to your penile, however, a major curve can greatly trouble you at the time of sexual intercourse. That is, the constant penetration at the time of sex can cause you pain and discomfort and thus, affect your sexual performance greatly.

Mostly, the common reason of curvature is Peyronie’s disease. However, what causes the problem is yet to be known. Fortunately, you take efforts to straighten up the curve in your penile.


You must regularly examine the skin of your penis, as like the skin of your other body parts, it is also develop skin problems like pimples, eczema and vitiligo. If you do not want such problems to affect you, then you must ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene.

However, one must seek medical assistance in case of noticing any unusual changes or growth on the skin.All thanks to the advancement in technology, you can seek effective and natural methods to fix this distressing problem conveniently. One good treatment option is penis stretchers.



Zipper can cause penile injuries. In case you spot an injury, do not delay to seek medical assistance. However, one must be sure whether the injury is caused by the zipper or by human teeth. You may be wondering about the difference between the two, after all an injury is an injury! Well, to your surprise, there is a huge difference between the two, as zipper cannot harbor bacteria like the latter! Therefore, the treatment for both the type of injuries is different!

Interestingly, your penis does not have any bone, yet it may become fractured! Well, not in that sense actually! But the symptoms are more or less, same as the ones of a typical bone fracture. For example intense pain, marks, popping sound etc. In such a case, one must seek medical help immediately.


One thing you need to observe is your erection’s quality. Problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are known to affect the quality of erections to a considerable point. Not just this, taking too much of antidepressants and pain killers can also impact your sexual health. Thus, one must avoid taking unnecessary medication as much as possible. Plus, you can also use male enhancement supplements to improve the quality of your erections. As noted above, Male extra is one good male enhancement supplement that is known and proven for its multi-purpose nature. The product not just works to add inches to your penile length, but also works to improve the quality of your erections!


To your surprise, the heart and penis tends to be greatly connected with each other. In case you notice any drastic changes in your erections, then this may be an indication towards a serious problem. Get yourself examined to negate the possibilities of any heart disease. To keep your penis healthy, keep your heart healthy!

So, these were the 7 things you must keep a check for! Remember, your penis is the most crucial organ of your body, thus, maximum efforts should be taken to keep it healthy and sound.

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Top Male Enhancement Exercises That Will Help Increase Your Size

No man would ever deny his desire for a larger, thicker penis! Indeed, this is something that adds more to his charm! As fuller breasts of a woman are attractive for men, same way, women prefer a guy with a penis that lengths 6 inches or more! Though, what role does a long size plays in satisfying a woman in bed is debatable, yet, the fact is that this is something that works to attract a woman more!

Even though, there are many ways through which men can add some extra inches to their penile. However, penis enlargement is not so-easy as it may sound to you! Where some are penis enlargement options are extremely costly, others are full of health related risks!

Fortunately, the case with male enhancement exercises is simply different. Not just this technique is effective, free, but is perhaps one of the safest ways to enlarge and engorge a penis! Apart from gains, male enhancement exercises are also proven to enhance a man’s sexual health to a significant level.

But as there are brighter sides of male enhancement exercises, there is a darker side of this option too! It takes great deal of time to deliver results! This simply means that the users need to remain consistent with their practice for long, which is something unbearable for many who desire faster and quick gains!

However, if you are patient enough to wait for the natural enhancement, then trust me, the option will greatly help you get lasting and risk-free results to enjoy lifelong! There are many exercises that are highly effective with regard to size gains. Others can help to improve your general sexual health in terms of quality erections and sperm etc.

So, if you have finally decided to practice male enhancement exercises for better gains, then check out the following exercises that can help you with the purpose naturally and safely.


Stretching is supposed to be the base of all exercises intended to help gains. Interesting, it is performed with certain deviations however the principle applied by each is same. When it comes to length gains, then stretching is highly beneficial. However, before you start with stretching, one thing you must make sure is that every series must have 10-15 reps. So, begin with a series, adding more during the course.

  1. First of all, your penis needs to be flaccid at the time of stretching.
  2. Grip your penile around its glans and gently pull it away from your body.
  3. Pulling needs to be continued to a point till uneasiness starts to feel.
  4. Remember, the exercise needs to be done with gentle hands so that it does not cause pain and discomfort.
  5. You need to keep the position by holding for atleast 15 seconds.
  6. After which you can release.
  7. Now, repeat the procedure in the same way.


When it comes to efficacy, this male enhancement exercise is as effective as stretching, however, it is done on a semi erect penile. Jelqing is proven to increase the length of a penis by up to 2”, though, one must make sure that he manages to perform it in a very accurate way for definite gains. As mentioned in the beginning, penis enlargement exercises take time to deliver results, same way, jelqing takes time to lead gains. Then again, consistency is a must!

Before I start with the step by step guidance to perform jelqing in a right way, let me tell you something about it first. It requires a ‘milking’ movement to be carried out; therefore, lubricating your penis well can help you avert the potential risk of scratches and pain.

  1. Male a sign of ‘OK’ using your right hand and place it at the bottom of your penile. A position that is supposed to be your starting point.
  2. Now, gently move the sign in the up way direction using a little pressure. Avoid applying extra force that can cause you uneasiness or pain. Think as if you are pushing blood through your sexual organ.
  3. While you reach a place right under your glans, stop the movement and ‘undo’ the position.
  4. Now, using the same Ok sign, repeat the movement using your left hand.
  5. Remember, every jelq applied must last for 2-3 seconds.
  6. If you are new to the exercise, perform 100 rep/ series.

You can gradually add more and more reps, once your penile become familiar with the exercise completely. However, one thing you should make sure is that your penis must not be fully erect during the exercise; this can cause you serious pain to deal with, later. Interestingly, jelqing under shower would not necessitate you to lubricate your penis! So, these were the proven and effective male enhancement exercises that can help you increase your size gradually!

Though, if you wish to add quick inches to your penile using a natural supplement, then I would recommend you to use Male Extra; a multipurpose solution for better gains and improved erection quality!

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Kegel Exercises For Men

These are referred to the exercises that are recommended and performed for better bladder control (urinary incontinence). However, performing these exercises on a regular pace will greatly benefit you in other ways as well. I mean, these will help you in improving your general sexual health. Want to know how kegels can help you in terms of male enhancement purpose?


Kegels are proven to help with:

  1. Hardcore erections.
  2. Intense orgasms.
  3. Quality erections.
  4. Improved penis health.

Incorporating jelqing with male enhancement exercises will double your results in terms of:

  1. Better erection control.
  2. Improved blood circulation to the genital regions.
  3. Better gains.

There are many devices that intend to improve your sexual health. However, why spend money when you can make wonders through your own hands! So, before you start, you need to find out or say identify where your pubococcygeus muscle is!


Well, before you start with the exercises, you need to determine where exactly your PC muscle is. Remember, your PC muscle is the one that you will be compressing and releasing. Determining its location is pretty simple since you are not using any tool in the case. Just:

  1. Pass half of your urine in a normal flow and stop it midway. If stopping is difficult, at least try to slow down the flow.
  2. Now feel the exact muscle that has helped you stop the flow. If you have managed to assume the one that has controlled your urine from passing, then this means you have determined the position of pubococcygeusmuscle successfully!

Now, it’s time to start with the exercises!



You can select any from the 3 exercises. However, it is better if you begin with the basic one first so that you can efficiently move on to the advance ones later. Interestingly, you can conduct this basic exercise anywhere you feel comfortable, plus there is no time limit or specification for better results. It can also be performed in any position for example while you are lying down, sitting etc.

  1. Compress your pubococcygeusmuscle for at least 3 seconds and release it for 3 seconds. After this, follow the procedure for 5 times. Now, take a gap of 10 seconds before starting with the second set.
  2. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for a second and release it for a second. Continue the process for 10 times. Now, take a break for 10 seconds before starting the process again. This time, you need to perform 3 sets.
  3. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for 8 seconds and release it for 4 seconds. Continue the process for 4 times.

Well, to master the act, you must begin with the simpler part. Gradually, when you get a good grip on the process, you can compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for extended period of times. Ideally, conducting the exercises for once every day will give you better results; however, one must strictly avoid overtraining the muscle.


Now, it’s time for a hot wrap! It involves a piece of towel soaked in warm water that needs to be covered on your penile. Interestingly, this will warm up your penile that will work to widen your blood vessels. As your blood vessels dilate, the supply of blood to your penile will rise. Remember, the act needs to be done while performing kegel exercises.

  1. Hold your semi erect penile in a horizontal position.
  2. Cover the shaft with a hot wrap.
  3. Carry out the kegel exercises.
  4. Replace the wrap with another hot wrap when it no longer remains hot.


Now, it’s time to perform kegels, hot wrap and stretches, simultaneously. A mixture of these will work to deliver enhanced results in terms of size gains and quality erections. So, let’s start:

  1. Using a hot wrap, cover the shaft of your semi erect penis while holding it horizontally.
  2. Grip the penile behind the glans. Now, gently pull the foreskin of the penile.
  3. Gradually and steadily, pull the penile forward. Remember, the stretching has to be comfortable so the process does not lead to discomfort or pain.
  4. Compress your pubocyccygeus muscle for 6 seconds while gripping the stretch. Relax your pubocyccygeus muscle and do the process again.

So, these are the exercises that are commonly practiced by men for the enhancement purpose. Since these are natural techniques, therefore, would definitely take time to deliver favorable results. However, one must perform these consistently for better gains. For people expecting fast and quick gains, must consider options like male enhancement surgeries.

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Does Penis Size Actually Matters?

Is my size good enough to satisfy my partner in bed? Is one common question that merely acts to make most men anxious! At times, the concern is so big for them that it actually works to impact their confidence to a considerable point.

The fact that longer and solid erections are needed to make a woman happy in bed is totally agreed by all, however, what role does a long size penile plays to make her satisfied in bed? Is it actually that important? Well, you will get to know in this piece of writing for sure!


Normally, most men have an average penile size and very few have large or small size penis. So, what is the average size of an erect penile? Well. a study that took a sample 15000 males of different ethnicities concluded that the average length of penile during erection is approximately 5.6”. Though, there are other studies that suggest different sizes of an erect penile size.

Unfortunately, determining a precise average size penile is difficult. Reasons are two, number one, since participants are asked to self-report their measurements, thus the chances of overstating their size do tend to exist. Secondly, males who have small sized penile are more likely to avoid, being a part of research.


A study conducted in the recent times ended up reporting 6” to be the ideal penile length females prefer in bed. However, factors like bonding, looks, sexual prowess, intelligence etc were not to be considered at that time.

Interestingly, a study revealed some very interesting findings stating women to prefer length as the sixth most important attributes of penile from seven, whereas girth to be the fourth most important. For them, something that tops is the look, public hair and the skin of penis. This simply indicates that for women, size do matters but not to a greater extent. The study also points toward the fact that not every particular woman loves to sleep with a man with a long size penile. There are many who even prefer an average or smaller sized penile. Indeed, bigger not necessarily means better as reportedly, many women with small penile sized partners have excellent sex lives as compared to the ones with partners who have large sized penile.

An inclusive study by the name reason’s to have sex found over 200 motivating factors men and women both prefer. Interestingly, these factors chiefly encompassed physical characteristics such as eyes, beauty, charm etc. This also concluded the fact that for both men and women, size of breast and penile do not matter, respectively!


There are innumerable studies that have conducted in the past and in recent times that support the fact that size do not actually matter for all. In order to do good sex and make her feel completely satisfied in bed, other things like sexual prowess, bonding, physical appearance, hygiene, concentration and virility do tend to matter a lot. So yeah, if she finds you attractive enough, you two share a good bonding and she actually enjoys your company, then trust me, there is no space for worrying about your penile size. You are good enough to satisfy your girl and she will be all yours lifelong!


A lot can be done to improve your sexual health naturally. For this very purpose, you do not need to make major changes in your lifestyle, simple amendments is what will take you to improve your sexual health drastically. For example:

  1. Eat healthy.
  2. Sleep well.
  3. Avoid drinking, smoking.
  4. Take vitamin D from sunlight.
  5. Exercise
  6. Do intermittent fasting.
  7. Avoid taking excessive stress.
  8. Avoid taking too much of medicines.

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  4. Augments your sexual stamina.
  5. Helps to increase your size by 0.8 to 2.6” within its 6 months usage.

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Are you amongst the 35% of male population who do not feel comfortable about their penis? If yes, then what makes you feel dissatisfied? According to a report, many males have a wrong perception about the standard size of a penile. There are many factors that have led them think this way, example includes, porn industry, sexual experiences etc.


Several studies have been conducted in the past to determine the average length of a penile. A survey that was carried out in the recent times found that the average size of a penile during erection is 5.6”. Well, the result may be too surprising for you as it was for others who assumed 8 inches to be the standard size during erections.

Well, this is not enough; the fact that only 2% of the entire male population in US has eight inches penile during erection is something that will actually shock you! Yes, that’s true! Only two percent of the overall male population! Studies were also conducted to find out the average girth of a penis. They found that the standard circumference of a penis is 5”.

However, when it comes to the sexual timing, that is the average erection time of males, studies found that men can hold their erections by up to 4 minutes on an average. Though, majority of the guys showed their desire to last even longer. Interestingly, on an average, females enjoy sexual intercourse that lasts for more than twenty minutes!

So, as mentioned in the beginning, every 35% of males do not feel good about their penile, even though, their performance and length is considered to be normal.


The statistics mentioned above were of the findings that took Americans as the sample. So, are you interested to know about the penile size that is marked as standard all across the globe? Let’s find out whether or not the statistics of Americans are different than these, lets see if races and ethnicities affect the size of your penile anyway.

Possibilities are, that you have a perfect length that falls into the category of average penile size, yet you have insecurities about it. To know whether this is the case, you first need to know the accurate, standard size of a penile. Don’t believe what others say, let the experts help you in this!

Let’s divide the earth in to 4 separate zones and find out the average size of each zone:

Vietnam. Thailand. China.

Philippines. Korea. India.

Japan. Iraq. Iran.



Afghanistan. New Zealand.

Spain. Ireland. Portugal.

Ukraine. Finland. Russia.

Turkey. Romania. Mongolia.



Austria. Belgium. Germany.

Denmark. Bulgaria. Sweden

Greece Iceland. Netherland.

Argentina. Switzerland. Chile.

South Africa. Poland. Egypt.

Israel. Morocco. Italy.



Brazil. Puerto Rico. Haiti.

Sudan. Ghana. Panama.

Colombia. Ecuador. Congo.


Apparently, the 4th zone with countries like Brazil and Congo has the biggest, average penile length. Surprisingly, just 3% of the total male population in the world has a penile that length 8 inches long!


Certainly, yes! There are many techniques that can be followed to achieve gains in terms of size and girth both. Options you can review for this very purpose are:

  1. Male enhancement surgeries.
  2. Male enhancement pills.
  3. Penis stretchers.
  4. Prescribed drugs.
  5. Male enhancement exercises.

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  1. Increase sexual stamina in bed, so that your body feel more charged up during lovemaking.
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  3. Boost libido, which is likely to become affected by factors like stress, aging etc.
  4. Perform better in bed.
  5. Straighten the penile curvature caused by any xyz condition such as Peyronie’s disease.

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So, you can enjoy the benefits of Male extra without fearing for side effects associated with other options like male enhancement surgeries. And last, but not the least, the product is very much easy on your pocket, so yeah, you do not need to spend dollars and dollars trying out things that may work for you! Just spend few dollars and get Male Extra! Now, let it do the rest!