What is Erectile Dysfunction

Reason Why Men In their 40’s Suffers from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is becoming one of the alarming conditions of men who are in their 40’s.

Usually, it is considered that it can only occur to old aged men, but that’s not the case, in recent years, many young cases were found who is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In simple words, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for a required period of time to perform sex.

This condition can be both heartbreaking and dangerous to any relationship.

In a study a fact that has taken the attention of many experts is that up to 40% of men who are in their 40’s affected by ED and 75% among them don’t wish to find a treatment.

Why aren’t they seeking treatment?

Because they don’t even know how it occurred at first place.

When a man reaches to his 40, some factors are clearly associated that causes erectile dysfunction to take place.

1. Stress

Stress is the sex killer some health expert says.

When a man reaches to his 40 he is obliged to many responsibilities such as looking for financial stabilities, his family demands, professional life and other factors.

These things make anyone stress and that’s a fact.

The stress doesn’t let you perform well in bed because of the rise in cortisol hormone, a stress hormone which constricts the blood vessels due to which your blood pressure increases.

The main cause for erectile dysfunction is lack of erection which is caused by the improper blood supply to the penis muscles.

You can’t get an erection when your blood vessels are jammed and packed.

2. Depression, Anxiety

Depression and anxiety make everything less attractive and gloomy, which once used to make you happy.

Things like sexual satisfaction and passion in sex get completely lost as your libido level goes decline.

Due to lack of libido, there are no excite pulses to make your penis harder, which then results in the first episode of erection problem or ED.

Either you are depressed which is why you are suffering from ED, or it is ED because of which you are getting depressed.

This circle goes infinitely if left untreated.

3. Drug Abuse

Men in 40’s are usually fed up with excessive drinking or the use of other recreational substance but some men are still a part of these activities.

Bad news for them that the chances of Erectile Dysfunction are highest in these individuals, especially those who take abuse them in excess.

Alcohol consumption has been proven a main factor which causes erection dysfunction.

According to many schools of thoughts, alcohol use is directly proportional to the occurrence of ED.

To avoid the erection issue during sex it is mandatory to quit alcohol consumption for a particular time period.

Men who have used illicit drugs like heroin, ecstasy or even marijuana are prone to erectile dysfunction.

These drugs have a negative effect on your sexual performance which decreases every time you use them.

Some drugs keep your body to feel any sexual touch while some decreases the testosterone level, a male hormone prerequisite for harder and stronger erection.

Also, there are drugs which cause hindrance in the path of your ejaculation which fails you to achieve orgasm.

4. Dietary Causes

Men with age change their diet, which is definitely less healthy than it used to be.

The intake of salt and sugar gets really high which is the main reason why this needs to be shown.

Excessive consumption of salt and sugar is not only bad for your body system, but it also greatly affects your sex life.

Some conditions which contribute greatly to Erectile Dysfunction are:

a) Obesity:

Normally, if you have BMI more than 30 you are considered as obese.

Obesity can cause difficulties in achieving an erection due to the lack of sex hormones like testosterone, which ignites your sex drive in a best possible way.

Nevertheless, this situation also invites diabetes to kick in, which is also bad for men’s sexuality.

b) Diabetes:

When a man suffers from diabetes, his blood circulating process gets slower due to the compromised endothelial system.

Lack of blood supply to the penile region causes erection problems because penis needs a blood rush in order to get harder which in this case is just a hope.

c) Elevated Blood Pressure:

Occurs to most men in their middle age and in the situation, the vascular system is weakened. 3

About 60% of middle-aged men are prone to suffer from heart disease, but with a strict diet plan, one can take control on his vascular health.

If not treated, the failure in vascular system can result in erectile dysfunction due to lack of blood supply.

Proper blood flow is the key to acquiring full harder and stronger erection, anything that disturbs your cardiovascular system will surely affect your erection quality.

Obstruction in penis blood flow will cause you sex-free life which not every man can afford.

5. Medications

Medications like Male Extra to treat erectile dysfunction have a history of long-term side effects which makes them less reliable.

Some of the side effects of these medicines are impotence which is totally opposite of gaining an erection.

Taking care of your health with a strict dietary regimen and proper exercise can help you to avoid this issue.

If you are suffering from ED more than a year, then choosing natural supplements to gain a harder erection can be one choice.

Allopathic medications will just worsen the issue than it really is.


Men in their 40’s are quite susceptible to erectile dysfunction because there are plenty of reasons.

Their physical exercise is completely lost along with unhealthy diet, which is two basic reasons.

Men with erectile dysfunction in 40’s can be harder to treat because they are already filled up with many things including psychological disturbances.

It is wise to visit your physician A.S.A.P if you are experiencing any sign of ED before it invites much more serious health problems.

how to increase male sex drive

How do I increase my Sex drive?

Male sex-drive fluctuations and all about its solutions

Desires of sex are not by birth traits, they develop after a certain age.

The peaks of sexual desires are significant in late teens till 30’s and slows down in 40’s same for both men and women.

It is an important aspect in life and no one can just ignore it completely.

Marriage and relationships are ways to cope up these desires but sometimes things are just not enough for any of the partner in a relationship.

Not giving a pleasing performance in bed is more nerve wracking for men as compare to women and they feel ashamed about it as much that they don’t even want to talk about it which can only worsen the problem.

 There are numerous factors which can be involved with male sex drive. The common ones are age, psychology and diseases.

Common factors for low sex drive in men


As every organ in your body grows with age so as your genitals grows and get weaken with age in late 40’s the testosterone level in male body might don’t become as much low but hormones like sex hormone binding globulin (SHGB) releases and bind with testosterone and decreases its available concentration in body.

 This phenomenon also affects the sex organ as well as the sex drive.

Age and sex organs:

As male gets aged their genitals start sagging, age also influence their functioning and testosterone levels in body which have significant role in virility.

The up till reported age affects on male genitals are:

  • In some men size of organs becomes smaller.
  • Organs might become curvy.
  • Shrinkage of testicles.
  • Body hairs become thin and grey.
  • Body organs lack masculine appearance and become saggy.
  • Penis functioning is compromised, the sensitivity to organs becomes less as male age an require more work for getting started.


Depression and MenDepression and anxiety can really affect the libido.

As brain is the stimuli where it all gets started and if brain is not good in health this can affect the sexual performance in various ways.

The neurotransmitters in brain are responsible for body activation for intimacy and love but depressed and stressed brains can lack in functioning of neurotransmitter which effects the overall physical experience in certain ways:

  • Lowered libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • No orgasms.
  • No happy feelings after intimacy.


There are certain anti-depressants which can affect the brain neurotransmitters the same neurotransmitters which are involved in sexual stimulus.

The anti-depressants involved most in this reaction are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

These medications interferes the nerve pathways linked to sexual arousal and results in sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculations.

Relationship problems:

If two individuals are not happy in a relationship because of certain reasons they can find sex a difficult and forceful task.

In unhappy relationships libido decreases up to 0% and partners don’t feel any attraction for each other at all.

In number of marriages and relationships before divorces and breakups a long period of no sex routine is seen, proving the tension and chemistry between partners have a lot to do with intimacy.

Other psychological effects

Many men have sexual drive issues because of too much exposure to sexually explicit content often results in premature ejaculations in male.

A lot of unethical sexual activities like masturbation can also result in premature ejaculations.

Addiction to pornographic material can also affect sexual arousal issues.

Instead of getting aroused at physical touch one required certain pornographic materials to feel amp-up for intimacy.

Low testosterone:

Males can have hormonal imbalances in their body at any age which effect their organ and performance under the sheets as well.

The hormone mainly involves in men for sexual development and functioning is testosterone.

The levels of testosterone get disturbs for many reasons such as age.

The low levels of testosterone can cause sexual issues such as erectile-dysfunction, low libido and decreased function of sexual organs.


Nearly every medical condition has solution in this century so as sex drive issues.

Why You Have Low Sex DriveFor serious cases a medical as well as psychological treatment is required. In some cases problem can be physical and in some it can be just psychological.

Psychological solutions:

Certain problems in sex drive can be of psychological origins and instead medicines psychological therapy or couple counseling are required.

The general changes and tricks recommend by psychologist are as follows:

Spice-up the routine:

The same routine life can cause boredom and influence on mood of both partners this can be a big cause of low libido in relationships.

Change of scenarios like a new paint on bedroom walls, cooking favorite dishes for each other

Discuss the needs:

The sex is a mutual requirement, fantasies and demands are from both sides of string.

When you feel unsatisfied or felt like you are not getting what you want in a relationship it is recommended to get a hold of situation discuss the things you both want and desire of getting in a relation, try new kinks in your night routines.

Surprise each other:

Surprise is good for health it somewhat generates the same feelings as people have after sex.

Arranging a candle light dinner, a new hair cut or a dress of your spouse’s favorite color can really give good outcomes.

Changing the perception for seduction:

Pornography addicts are gone through such therapies where they are treated to change their arousal patterns because the sexual activation is only arise in them by pornographic content not by an actual opposite sex available physically.

Medicinal solutions:

The sex drive issues because of low testosterone need medications for its treatment.

Intake of synthetic hormones:

The testosterone are injected in the person to overcome the low hormonal levels in the body.

This medicine is doctor prescribed and done in a clinic, following all the hygienic protocols.

Tablets and capsules are also available for treatment of these issues.

But there are cases in which this treatment doesn’t suit many patients as hormones are synthetic or semi synthetic in nature.


Many supplements are available in market and are reported to be finely working to overcome sex drive issues of physical origin.

One of these supplements is Male Extra.

Description of male extra ?

Male Extra Pills ReviewMale extra is a supplement for enhancement of male performance under the sheets.

It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited a much known brand name in the supplement industry.

The male extra is made up of natural ingredients and the highly attractive features of this supplement are:

  • Its ingredients are FDA approved.
  • No side effects are reported till now.
  • Clinical proves available for efficacy of its ingredients for increase manhood.
  • Testimonials are available of its effectiveness.
  • Revitalizes genitals by increasing blood flow around them.

Male Extra is a try worthy product but a doctor check up and prescription is required for it, to determine the basic cause underneath your poor performance in bed.

Surgeries and devices:

In some cases the vacuum devices and penile implantation are the solution to treat these issues.

Penile implantation is usually done to treat erectile dysfunctions.


The issues of sex life are no joke, a bunch of divorces happen just because of it.

The things which worsen it is not talking about these things and hiding them out of embarrassment.

Hiding such issues is not a solution but when you discuss it with your spouse and family doctor you will surely get treated, enjoy the life ahead at fullest.

One of these solutions is Male Extra a proven male sexual performance enhancer with all natural ingredients and zero side effects.

Natural Techniques to increase Penis Girth!

Male penis’s girth is of greater importance than the length, according to the survey held amongst women where the majority of females’ preferred thick sized penis than the one which is extra-long.

One of the simplest technique by which you can enhance your penis girth is frequent massage on a daily basis.

But again, there are various massaging techniques too which most men do not know about and sometimes ended up damaging their penis structure.

Damaging penis can be potentially dangerous as well as it can put your sexual life in jeopardy.

It takes experts’ advice to apply certain techniques to your penis to increase the girth of it which is why no man should apply these exercise techniques unless he knows it.

With these simple techniques, we do not promise to increase the length of your penis but we are 100% sure that after this you will find some increased circumference along with better quality erection.

Secret to naturally increase Penis Girth

how to increase penis girthA thin penis doesn’t mean you are never going to have sex in your life, but it surely affects your performance and the level of satisfaction.

Below are the given steps by which you can add some size to the girth (thickness) of your penis in a very short period of time.

Yes, you don’t need any kind of penis enhancement supplements nor the penis enlarging pumps.

It is markedly safer to increase penis girth with these natural ways.

Thick penis offers you and your partner massive satisfaction level, which improves sexual empathy amongst individuals.

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Are you ready to experience the thickened girth all by natural means?

1) Penis Massage

There are many debates about how and when to massage your penis so that its girth can be enhanced.

massage for men

Well, for the starters penile massage is a great technique for everyone who’s looking to increase the overall size of the penis.

You can massage your penis at the time of full or mild erection, the reason behind this is simple yet scientific.

When your penis gets hard the blood rushes to the penile tissues in a frequent manner which is according to many health experts is the right time to massage the base of your penis.

While massaging, it is mandatory that the proper amount of blood reaches to your penis and goes till the tip. Therefore, massaging a penis which is not erect would not give you any benefit out of it.

Manuals for Penile Exercise

When you go to the gym, you are offered to consult with a personal trainer or gym expert which helps you easing the process by telling you the tested exercises techniques.

In case of your penis health, you also have to rely on a tested manual which is comprised of the tested and useful techniques.

Note that the matter of penis exercise should not be taken lightly as in the case of wrong techniques one might damage its penis.

Some men have reportedly damaged their penis structure by following untested exercise techniques.

You also have to be punctual and patience because once you skip a day or two your penis shape will go back to the original form which is why you have to be fully dedicated to it.

2. Essential Male Hormone

As mentioned above, increasing penis girth by natural techniques is only possible when your body is not devoid of the important male hormones such as Testosterone.

Boost testosterone

It is necessary for a penis to have proper blood supply at the time of massage because the more it soaks hormone-enriched blood, the more benefits you are gonna get with it.

The level of Testosterone goes to the decline phase with the age, also some factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive fast food consumption can decrease its rate in the male body.

Testosterone deficiency can also lead to the condition of erection dysfunction.

How to elevate the Testosterone level?

Testosterone is the key hormone which loads a man with sufficient foreplay and sexual abilities.

The hormone is also responsible to develop proper muscle mass in your body and makes it more appealing to the women.

Some men’s body cannot produce sufficient amount of Testosterone for which many herbal supplements are available in the market i.e Testogen, TestoMax.

Once the level of Testosterone is fully controlled in your body, chances of increase penis girth with these basic massaging techniques will get double.

3. Delaying Orgasm/Ejaculation

Once you master the massaging techniques and generate adequate amounts of Testosterone, there is one more thing you need to master for the best results.

mens orgasm

Delaying ejaculation is considered unhealthy normally, but in reality, it is key to sustain the maximum amount of sex hormones in your body for a longer period of time.

Why is it important?

Stopping the orgasm to occur will directly increase the level of free Testosterone in your body.

An excessive buildup of hormones in the penis is beneficial especially at the time of massage which gives you triple the advantage.

Those who wish to increase the size of their penis girth by 15-20%, you should master this trick for the best results.

Delaying ejaculation can also help you stay longer during sex and increase your timing.

The reason why most men can only stay for 2 minutes is that they cannot delay their orgasm and burst it all out.

They do not have a tendency to stop it from occurring as their penis muscles are weaker than those who have mastered this skill of delaying ejaculation.

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Final Verdict

Penis girth enlargement is not to be taken non-seriously as it can affect your overall sexual existence.

The tested manuals by some health expert involve diagrammatic illustrations which makes it further easier for you to apply these exercise techniques in an agreed way without damaging your penile muscles.

The proper level of Male Hormone is essential for a harder and longer erection which is necessary at the time of massage.

Men who have followed these techniques in a right manner can see the results in only some days, but mind it, punctuality is the key!

Male Extra Customer Reviews

This review is about Male Extra and how this product inspired me to write one!

When it comes to having a larger penis size and high-performance level in sex, I (Michael) was sort of weak in it.

Michael Male Extra Customer reviewsEvery woman these days wants a man with large penis size and enhanced stamina which elongate the sex times dramatically, unfortunately not every man has the same level of stamina and strong sexual power.

Take an example of me, I had below average size penis with very low endurance level due to which I pre-ejaculated many times even before she started.

I looked for many options and finally ended up with Male Extra because everyone was talking about it. It wasn’t a personal choice, to be honest, but since it offered me multiple benefits so I had to give it a try.

Following is the brief review of Male Extra pills, what it is, its availability, how it works and how it helped me to improve my sexual life in a very progressive way.

What is Male Extra Pills?

Male Extra is basically penis enlargement or penis enhancement pills which also work by improving sexual performance in men.

Male Enhancement Pills that work

From sexual performance, I mean an enhanced level of libido (sexual desire) along with great timing.

The reason why this product got my attention is that it was the best penis enlargement supplement award winner from 2009 to 2013.

The formula of Male Extra is purely natural based which makes it more efficient and safer for use.

What’s in Male Extra pills?

There are totally 6 key ingredients in Male Extra pills which makes the product more potent than any other male enhancement supplement available online.

These are

  1. Pomegranate Extract- The fruit extract is very well known to increase blood flow in the penile area, thereby making it harder and stronger.
  2. L-Arginine- Improves sexual performance by elevating blood flow in the arteries.
  3. Creatine- Elevate the energy level so you won’t get tired soon.
  4. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane- By name, I didn’t know what this was, then after doing some internet research I found out that it can repair the damaged cells in your penis and enhance the size in the perfect manner.
  5. Cordyceps- A herb is known to increase libido in men.
  6. Zinc- Increase the amount of sperm you generate and improves their health.

How does Male Extra work?

Conceived by the scientific facts and anatomy of a male penis, I can tell you about the mechanism of Male Extra a little bit.

Your penis is composed of several paths in which Corpora Cavenosa plays an integral role when it comes to inducing harder and longer erection.

The more blood supply it gets, the more stimulated it will be. Since the ingredients in MaleExtra are meant to increase the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body along with creatine which expands the blood vessels of Corpora Cavenosa making it highly stimulated.

The result appears as larger penis size with longer erection time and perfect grasp on your performance level during sex. You can even control your erection between sex and ejaculating period.

MaleExtra Before and After Results

Hard to believe, but on the official webpage of Male Extra, it was stated that it can increase the size of your penis from 0.8 inches to 2.6 inches and that after only 6 months of the time period.

I have used MaleExtra for over 8 months and I couldn’t be agreed more, it only 8 months I got my penis 2 inches enhanced and the level of my sexual performance was going through the roof.

Here is the result of every 2 months I would like to share.

2 Months- Before I used Male Extra pills, the size of my penis was 5.2 inch when erect, after 2 months it was 5.6 inch with frequent erections and boosted sexual urge.

4 Months- The size didn’t increase so far (5.6 inches) but my performance in sex was too good.

6 Months- Been taking it consistently and I finally added some more size of it, an almost 6-inch dick finally with a hell of sexual stamina and energy.

8 Months- I re-order MaleExtra and used it for 2 months more, the result was a 0.3-inch increase in my size.

Overall Benefits of MaleExtra

  • Significant increase penis size
  • Elevate the performance level
  • Boost sexual urge
  • Let you have full control over erections
  • Increase the amount of semen and gives you pleasurable climax
  • No side effects
  • Money back guarantee

Where are Male Extra pills available?

There is only one source from where you can find the genuine Male Extra pills and that is the official website (Maleextra.com).

The manufacturer of Male Extra has an extensive marketing and distribution channel through which they supply this product throughout the globe with an ease.

Their customer services are excellent in a matter of providing information about the product and how to use it.

Not to mention their website is online 24/7 and you can order the package anytime of the day with no bugs and other issues.

Beware of purchasing MaleExtra from stores like Walmart, Amazon or GNC as you might not get the original quality.

Reviews from other Customers

It was the first thing I did, to check the testimonials and reviews from other customers who actually tried Male Extra pills.

After reading so many positive reviews it was an easy decision for me to make.

Male Extra erection pills

Not just on their official website, but you can find the positive reviews about this product in every type of health product-related sites.

How it changed my sexual health? Personal experience

I am now more than happy with my healthy and enlarged penis with no glitches in my sexual activities.

I forgot to mention that within 2 months of use, I got rid of the Pre ejaculation issue which somehow deemed by confident level great time.

Male Extra pills load you with the amount of energy after which you are not going to leak instantly unless you have performed the satisfied amount of sex. Deep penetration is the word I fully understood after I added size to my penis.

It’s not bad at all, even women like it more than us.

Final Thoughts- Would I Suggest Male Extra Pills?

Without any hesitation, I would definitely recommend Male Extra pills to all men who want to increase the size of their penis without any side effects.

The effects of Male Extra pills offer multiple benefits which I think is worth the price.

You cannot take every single ingredient in an exact amount every day for months, Male Extra is a perfect blend of those ingredients available in pill form.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

Premature ejaculation is the commonly occurring problem amongst men all around the world.

Premature Ejaculation

About 30% of the male is suffering from this awkward and embarrassing condition which makes it so narrow for them to stay sexually active.

This condition doesn’t depend on age and can strike at any age.

Premature ejaculation targets directly your self-esteem and it increases further psychological problems in an individual.

There are ways by which you can treat premature ejaculation, but first, you need to know what it is.

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What is Premature Ejaculation?

An uncontrolled ejaculation means when a man cannot hold its ejaculating fluid at the time of sexual intercourse and gets wet too quickly, one can assume he is suffering from premature ejaculation.

Sometimes it occurs even before penetration which stays for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Men with premature ejaculation are less effective in satisfying their partners because of no or less penetration.

Average penetration timing for men is about 3-5 minutes, which is mainly achieved due to long-lasting erection.

Usually, erectile dysfunction may occur alongside with PE in men of all age groups which is why it is mandatory to take care of it before time goes.

Cause of Premature Ejaculation

Psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and depression contribute greatly to premature ejaculation.

There may be some evidence of physical abnormality but is very rare.

Most of the patients suffering from PE did not feel comfortable with their partner and it made them anxious about them.

Problems with Premature ejaculation

Sex becomes hard, of course, imagine you having a foreplay session with your partner and within a minute you ejaculated in your pants.

It is an embarrassment as well as the distressing situation for males since no women would want to go with you because of the rapid fire.

Women want men who can delay their orgasm till they reach the height of pleasure, which is why men with PE condition gets seriously depressed because they think their relationship is failing because of them.

Sex is an ultimate need these days and you cannot deny that fact, which is why we are giving you a solution which can help you keep your image high.

Treatment for PE

There are plenty of potent treatments available in the market, but still, doctors are prescribing you antidepressant medicines like Prozac or Zoloft which only waste your money.

In order to treat premature ejaculation, you have to choose something that works by improving your sexual life instead of making you sleep like those antidepressants.

Granted that one cannot trust the pharmaceutical ingredients, but yes the herbal treatments are also there and it has worked on so many men around the world. It is called Male Extra.

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Male Extra- A valid treatment for Premature Ejaculation

To those men who are experiencing sexual life crisis, Male Extra is like a blessing to them.

Male Enhancement Pills that work

It treats every form of sexual dysfunction in men, whether if it’s premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra pills have been put to test and it proved to be the best solution for enhancing libido, delaying penetration timing and to make your penis harder and stronger once again.

Reviews from Male Extra customers show us that these pills have changed the lives of many men who were suffering from this agonizing condition which had torn their relationship apart.

The result of Male Extra pills appears within some days and in case if it didn’t work, the user can get his money within 60 days of the time period.

Even women from different regions of the world suggest MaleExtra to every man who is experiencing problems in his sexual life.

What makes MaleExtra so powerful?

The ingredients! Each ingredient added in MaleExtra formula is extracted from the natural source which possesses no harmful effects on human health.

Means you can get multiple benefits from this supplement without worrying about the side effects.

The main ingredients of Male Extra are listed below:

  1. Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid- a Powerful antioxidant found in this fruit works by increasing the blood flow at the site of your penis. More blood flow means more erection time with no prompt ejaculation.
  2. Niacin- Maintain erection and enhance libido by increasing blood circulation.
  3. L-Arginine- Enhance the production of Nitric Oxide and Testosterone which are responsible for your sexual stamina and long-lasting erection. Nitric oxide helps to regulate the increased blood pressure in your vessels, and make it available at the time of sex by giving you consistent endurance level.
  4. Zinc- A form of a mineral which is essential for male sexuality. Supplements contain Zinc Citrate usually gives you erection which you can use for your own benefit.

How does it work actually?

There isn’t a single mechanism of action of Male Extra but multiple actions with multiple benefits.

First of all the ingredients in Male Extra generates Nitric Oxide in a heap which dilates the blood vessel at Corpora Cavenosa area of the penis.

Male Extra ReviewsThis will allow your penis to gain extra size which is, of course, something every woman wants. Now there is a fun part, it increases the energy, endurance level and the production of Testosterone.

When this hormonal releases it rapidly overcome the stress issue of yours and makes the sex time joyful, hence avoiding the main cause of Premature Ejaculation.

According to many studies, less availability of Testosterone in your body is another cause for PE.

Male Extra on the other hand, along with the potent ingredients makes it so hard for you to ejaculate before penetration which is why you perform a nasty and wild sexual intercourse with your partner to finally ejaculate.

Benefits to Men

  1. Gives you larger and stronger penis
  2. Increase the sexual urge- Libido
  3. Add 2 inches within a month
  4. Avoid the chances of premature ejaculation
  5. Long lasting penetration with high endurance level
  6. No side effects
  7. Money Back Guarantee
  8. An excellent formula for treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Final Summary- Should you buy Premature Ejaculating Pills?

We eat so many things every day that even we don’t know about.

But when it appears in our body in the shape of minor deformity as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, we understand the need for something that can treat it in a natural way.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients for improving sexual health have always offered plenty of side effects which aged users cannot afford. 

Speaking about the treatment that can take care of your overall sexual health along with treating Premature ejaculation issue in a most effective way, we must suggest Male Extra pills because of its multiple benefits to those users who are looking for improving their overall sexual health.

Order Male Extra

Plus there are no side effects reported to this day, even the money back guarantee makes it more appealing.

Men with premature ejaculation issue can now be treated and it doesn’t cost so much.

How to make your dick BIGGER

Having a big dick is in demand because the level at which women get satisfied has increased than before.

If you are a male who really wants to make his dick bigger, there are some techniques by which you can enlarge your penis size.

They are not medically related but purely some exercise and diets which you can do with your extra time.

When you apply these techniques daily, within a month you will notice the size of your dick increasing, as well as the tendency of sexual intercourse,  will be drastically enhanced.

Don’t be alarmed, let’s get your dick stronger and bigger.

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How to make your dick bigger?

how to get bigger dick

1. Exercises

Exercises are the effective way to enhance the size of your penis.

It will not only bring positive change in your dick appearance but also your overall body.

The level of self-esteem gets tremendously increased and when you feel good, sex time will also be elongated.

Some exercises are very much important for your dick size which are

2. Wally-Up!

This exercise is simple, you need to make your dick erect by any way it is comfortable.

Simply hold a towel over its head and enhance it for 3-5 seconds.

Do these steps 4-5 times and if you can bear the resistance of the towel, the next phase will be a wet one. This procedure solely depends on the strength your penis tip could take.

The size of your tip will increase remarkably and you will notice an excess of stamina while performing sexual intercourse.

You can warm yourself up by a warm cloth and massage it all over your dick.

3. Lubrication

Lubrication considers as the most common exercise to enlarge a small dick in a natural way.

There are so many penis enlarging lubricants are available in the market, but men prefer water based lubricants since they do not form an extra sticky texture.

VigRX oil can also be used to the deep penetration in penile tissues, giving you the rapid results.

Applying oily lubricants can cause problems at the time of the workout, therefore water-based lubricants are most preferable as they dry out quite fast.

4. Stretching exercise

You are only required to hold your dick and think only about making it bigger in size.

You have to simply hold the head of your penis and by other hand hold the first hand, now stretch and rotate it about 30 times to the left.

Rest for sometimes now hold it the same way, stretch and rotate (this time to the right) for 30 times. This exercise will increase the size of your dick without any problems.

If you feel pain with this exercise you might be doing it too hard, try gently.

On a daily basis, a lot of men have found this stretching technique very useful.

5. Herbal Medications

Apart from oil massage and other therapies, there are some remarkable products featuring on the internet which claims to be an efficient tool to make your dick size bigger.

Before some years, people tried to market the scam products in order to earn money illegally, but as soon as people have seen so many scams they can now differentiate between the useful and the useless one.

Male Extra Pills is the best innovation when it comes to the health of your reproductive organ.

It is by far the best penis enlargement pills available in the market and you know why?

Because we have seen the remarks and reviews from its users and none of them have complained about any sort of side effects neither any claims which can prove it a futile product.

Manufactured from all the herbal ingredients, Male Extra gives you the last chance to see your dick getting bigger, especially if you had tried every option and find no progress.

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Diet Plan to make your dick bigger!

To this day, there isn’t any special sort of diet that can directly affect the size of your penis.

However, there are some diets which can only facilitate the exercises you are doing for it.

Try to take those food items which have vasodilation property which is an increase of blood supply due to the opening of the blood vessels in the penile region.

Some of these foods are tuna fish, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, milk, liver, and carrots.

Although they cannot help you gain an extra size, they can surely improve the health of your penis which also affects the performance.

Some of these edible items you should enlist in your diet plan

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate not only improves your sexual life, but it also increases the blood flow around your dick area.

The energy supply from dark chocolates is incredible, it has also come antioxidants which makes it perfect to improve sexual health.

2. Pumpkin Seeds 

Rich source of Vitamin E, considers enhancing the size of your penis by allowing excessive blood flow to the penis.

3. Sea Food

Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and others are the best choice, however in excessive consumption people have reported extra urge for sex.

To enhance the sexual urge, tuna fish has been used since centuries and also to improve the sexual health.


Buy Male ExtraThe information provided above about How to make your dick bigger applies for every individual who has extra small dicks. 

With a small dick the sexual life becomes dim, also requires extra inches for your girl to get wet.

The exercising techniques can be beneficial for an individual, but if you see from the angle of the most voted option.

The Herbal medications a.k.a Male Extra Pills at number first because it worked for thousands of people and now they are having a good time with it.

In order to make your dick bigger, you shouldn’t wait for the right time because the right time might never come.

It’s time you act before you lose your age!

How to last longer in bed?

Well, that’s a most frequently asked question by men these days. But really how to do it?

stay last longer in bed

Some men have really a hard time in lasting longer in bed because of the numerous reasons. Sexologists around the world have gathered to discuss the same scenario and all they could conclude is how to help men with this?

Gladly there are certain methods by which you can elongate the time of your sex or in other words, you can LAST LONGER IN BED!

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Why lasting longer is so much important?

There are facts which narrate the same thing “Women likes men to stay longer in bed”. Not just us, but there are so many surveys took place where women want their men to last longer in bed.

For example, a survey in 2012 consisting 900 women was simply meant to ask them about the amount of time they preferred activities during the 16 hour day.

Most women preferred the sexual intimacy at a huge 100 minutes while the rest preferred socializing.

Also, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s poll, about 80% of women want their men to last longer in bed.

It’s instinctual that women desire a lengthy timing, but not every man is capable of reaching to the same level.

porn induced erectile dysfunctionThe reason why Men do not last longer?

Sexual intercourse is the last step for an orgasm, but normally people start up things with it, which is totally wrong and also very short timed.

Intercourse brings an orgasm way faster for MEN but that’s not in the case of women.

You see a woman’s clitoris gets too little stimulation by sexual intercourse which is why they start to want fast and deep insertion. The penis tip of men is too much sense for a long insertion so most men get wet in just a few minutes.

Which is why we are providing you some useful techniques to help you linger this pleasuring process.

6 Techniques to develop a lengthy bed time!

These methods were extracted from top sexologists and urologists after analyzing the most basic things which people tend to miss while having sex.

1. Masturbation

 A simple and easy method which is why we have placed it at # 1st. When you plan to have sex, try to masturbate the same day i.e 5-6 hours earlier.

When you do so, you probably will notice that it will take quite a time for you to reach the orgasm which is also the second time of the day.

After you masturbate, your body goes into the refractory period, which is actually a recovery time your body is taking to regenerate set of Testosterone for the next session.

This particular period will certainly elongate the time of your ejaculation as well.

2. Sex Positions

Different sex positions have different times for ejaculation. There are certain types of sex positions which allow you to delay the orgasm in a perfect way.

Like those positions which involve little penetration or inserting just the top side of the penis. The more you push deeply, more will be the stimulation to have an orgasm.

Not everybody is a pro at managing the positions during sex but some positions are really easy that one can definitely try in order to last longer.

These positions do not require to flexibility like the woman on top, doing it perpendicularly (Rubbing the tip of the penis against the vulva), spooning or some altered doggy style which is simply when a girl is lying on her belly instead of her knees.

3. Try to have more Foreplay

Foreplay is the best practice to build up a slow stimulation, which lasts for longer.

Now, there are many types of foreplay, which allows your penis to adapt to the slow build up an environment, so when you have an intercourse your penis will take comparatively more time to ejaculate than it used to before.

4. Grabbing and Squeezing

This can be applied to men do at the time of foreplay, but in this definition, as you get close to orgasm, allow your partner to grab and squeeze your penis until the desires for ejaculation diminishes.

This will buy you some more time.

5. Start and Stop Method

Do not immediately start it over after you have stopped because the closer you were to orgasm when you stopped, the least effort you’d need to ejaculate.

Do not start too fast, just stop and do it in a calm way like you have planned it. Once you master this skill there will be a little time required to stop and more time in the start period.

6. Sprays for lasting longer

Sprays which desensitize your penis are proven to be effective but with minimal side effects.

We prefer the high-quality product which will provide you greater control over orgasm with no loss of sexual feelings. Search for some desensitizing sprays and you will find some of the best one online.


Other Options

These 6 methods are basically the ones which people neglect on a daily basis.

Buy Male ExtraOther methods which can enable you to stay for longer are, Using a thick condom, divert your mind while you are about to get an orgasm or talk to your partner instead of continuing.


In many situations, your partner may want you to see a doctor in case of premature ejaculation.

There are so many on prescription drugs available for premature ejaculation which can treat your condition as well as can save your relationship.

Note that these medications might offer some side effects so before going for them tell your doctor if you had cardio or nephrotic related conditions in the past.

Also, there are over the counter supplements available in order to build and improve the level of your stamina.

Most men tend to have a fast orgasm because the level of testosterone in their body is not maintained.

Try to talk to your friends if they have tried something about it.

In a Nutshell

A long sex can lead to enhanced intimacy between two people, which further leads to a healthy relationship.

Healthy relation means you have a stronger bond which will make you a better, sharp and confident person. While some people are weak at it, described methods above may help you save your manhood so start it from today!

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The small size penis problem has been jeopardizing men’s life since a long time in terms of satisfying their partners.

Sexual health of both men and women are very well endorsed these days, which is why so many supplements have been made to sort this problem out.

With a small size penis, you cannot certainly satisfy your partner the way you want. Somehow many depressed people observed who were somehow insufficient in terms of size and optimum libido.

Men and women have a different level of satisfaction.

When it comes to men we have or manly body which is supported by our deep voice and facial hair, in this ideal scenario having a small dick ruins your entire situation.

Women nowadays admittedly concern about men’s size as it is the key to satisfying them during intercourse.

Men with bigger penis seem to have a strong confidence level as compare to those with tiny ones.

Most women also prefer a man to be dominant in bedtimes, which is why it is mandatory to have a sufficient size to satisfy which is a key to healthy relationships.

FORTUNATELY, there is a good news for those who seek a perfect treatment. Male Extra is a natural treatment which increases your penis size without giving you and your reproductive system any adverse effects. Now you don’t have to be worried about the small size of your penis.



What is Male Extra?

Male extra is a form of herbal remedy designed to increase the size of the penis by 3 times more than any other treatment available on the internet. Male extra enhances the blood flow to the penile muscles, thereby increasing the level of Nitric oxide in your body system. The regimen on regular use can remarkably increase your penis size which is guaranteed.

Male Extra Walmart?

Male Extra Walmart is a term generated by the users who wishes to purchase this treatment from the common Walmart stores.

There are many people who are unaware of the official website where Male Extra is available. Not just this, but the quality on the official site is the purest form to which one shouldn’t compromise. The version of Male extra available on the Walmart store usually does not work since there is plenty of fake products available by the same name at Walmart. This is the reason why you should only get Male extra from their original and authentic web page.

Benefits of Male Extra

Male Extra is supposed to be taken daily which is in a supplement form. It is quite easy and on daily use, it can give you the desired effects in a very short time period.

The instruction to use it is available in the manual when you purchase the genuine Male Extra.

It induces the best orgasm and better penetration and also improves your sexual level.

Its best effect is that it increases the size of your penis and even the girth so you can take the best advantage out of it.

Why not Male Extra Walmart?

Why? Because there is no regulation of quality in Walmart that’s why! Walmart simply takes every kind of health product just to make sure the availability of it to everyone.

Products are this are very sensitive to health if used in excess which is why the manufacturer of Male Extra have their own marketing and supply change through which they direct deals with the customers in the matters from purchasing to delivery.


How to get Male Extra?

There are various sources available which can take you to the direct source of buying Male Extra. For some sources are still on the run, which supplies the unoriginal product by the same name. You need to ignore those sources and buy it from the OFFICIAL SITE.

There are plenty of benefits when you purchase Male Extra from the official site.

They have 60 days money back guarantee in case if this product wouldn’t work for you. For different occasions, they have gifts offers that include two to three bottles of Male Extra for free.

The promo codes are sometimes beneficial and save a lot of your money.

Final Verdict

Considered from their official website there are thousands of men who have shared their reviews about the benefit of Male Extra and buying it from the official source.

Male Extra is a performance and size enhancing remedy for male, which is available in many types, namely Ultimate Gain Package, Super Gainers Package and all these packages are available only at the official store.

The effects of Male Extra pills are extraordinary without any side effects. The pills also work on men who have an average length, but not the satisfactory thickness of their penis.

Increasing the size of the penis is one effect, Male Extra makes you a perfect man when it comes to satisfying your partner to the fullest.

Relying on the sources like GNC, Amazon or Walmart is an unwise choice. Get Male Extra from the official dealers and change your sexual life in one glance.

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Get The Best Male Enhancement Pills Of 2017 Without Side Effects

The power of manhood is certainly an integral part of a man’s life. If you are seeing yourself under performing or simply want to take a chance of going on next level of male enhancement to make your partner feel sensationally satisfied, this post is just right for you.

In the past times, only surgery was considered as the only option for men to improve their manhood. However, this solution do comes with great possibilities of risks and side effects.

Fortunately, the conditions are not same yet and you can change your predicament drastically by various other male enhancement solutions that are easily available in the market.

Now you can reach your full potential and enhance your manhood drastically by male enhancement a pill that is certainly the safest option to increase penis size.

Currently, market is buzzing with the popularity of different male enhancement pills that promises to increase penis size while offering great betterment in a man’s performance.

Male enhancement pills are considered as a trouble-free solution for those seeking penile enhancement in a natural way. The major mode of operation offered by these sex pills is to increase the blood flow to the penis.

All around the world, people are now raving about male enhancement pills, considering them as a smarter option for increasing your penis size and enhancing your ego-boosting sexual reputation, that all men need.

Among different solutions, using male enhancement pills is probably the most easy-to-use and safest way to enhance your penis size. The results will turn out more positive, if you use the pills by a trustworthy company.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Penis enlargement pills are not some kind of magic, and it works through a proper process. As a matter of fact, the male enlargement pills work in three directions:

  • They work on widening up the blood vessels in penis
  • They help in escalating up the sexual stamina
  • They help in increasing the testosterone production

The main ingredients of male enhancement pills make the penis vessels more capacious. Also, during erection, the pills will help the penis engorged with more blood and becomes bigger. The best effects of male enhancement pills can only be witnessed only when penis is erected.

Size does matter for men and their self-confidence, and having a larger penis holds a great importance in a man’s life. Male enhancement pills not only help to increase stamina, but also boost the sexual drive that is crucial in assisting your performance in the bed.

Though, there are different male enhancement pills easily available in the market, but you have to choose the right product that tackles all three areas for optimal results. Keeping in view these factors, we are here recommending the best male enhancement pills of 2017.

  • Male Extra
  • VigRx Plus

Check out the detailed reviews of these top male enhancement pills.

Male Extra

Male Extra is one of the most well-known names among male enhancement pills. Manufactured by Advanced Health, Male Extra is considered as the best dietary supplements that enhance your manhood. It has been known that Male Extra tackles all the three areas related to penis enhancement and provides astonishing results to the consumers.

Within six months, users have gained up to 2 to 2.6 inches in their penis length. The effective formula of Male Extra makes sure to increase the size and growth of your penis, while supporting your sexual drive and performance.

The ingredients of this formula give you that illusive control in the bedroom while uplifting your sexual desire. For people facing issues in their sexual life, Male Extra is certainly an ideal choice, as it can be a game changer for your sex life.

Unlike other male enhancement formulas in the market, the ingredients of Male Extra are natural. That is why; the formula is well endorsed by numerous medical experts and is considered as the safest and effective solution to take care of the patients that are dealing with small penis size and erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra is a perfect male enhancement supplement that can turn your sex life and personal life upside down. Moreover, there are not any complicated procedures associated with its usage. You just have to take three pills a day to enhance your manhood and experience the best results.

The other attractive feature of Male Extra is its reliability that makes it a complete risk-free product to purchase. Male Extra male enhancement pills come with a generous 60 day money-back guarantee that means no financial risk is associated with the purchase of Male Extra.

Ingredients of Male Extra

The formula is best recognized with its list of ingredients and Male Extra has all effective ingredients that make it the best male enhancement pill. Following are the ingredients present in Male Extra.


Male Extra contains a good amount of pomegranate due to its enormous benefits. The formula includes a huge 40% of the substance, which allows more blood to flow to the penis and naturally encourage the harder erections for longer time that all men crave for.

These ingredients will improve your stamina in your bedroom and make you perform like never before.

L-Arginine and MSM:

These are the two important components of Male Extra that aids with the erection process by initiating more blood flow to the penis.


One of the unique ingredients included in Male Extra is cordyceps that gives a smart boost to your sexual energy.


One of the most important component of Male Extra is truly worth mentioning, as it has a mild effect on erection quality, but a great effect in improving sperm health.

Other noticeable ingredients included in Male Extra are L-Methionine, Niacin, and Bioperine that make it an outstanding male enhancement pill in the market.

Male Extra Summary

Male Extra contains all the natural ingredients that make it a completely safe male enhancement formula to use without any fear of side effects. You can easily order Male Extra from its official website. Male Extra is not only a penis enhancement pill, but it offers additional benefit of improving your sex life. You can try Male Extra will full confidence to gain your penis size without any surgical procedure.

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VigRX Plus

From past many years, VigRX Plus has been rated as one of the top male enhancement pill in the market. We live in the world where people want effective solutions, but within a short span of time.

If you are facing issues of having smaller penis size and want quicker results with a speedy solution, VigRX Plus is just right for you.

With this amazing male enhancement supplement, you will undoubtedly get a bigger penis with a better sexual performance, which will not only boost your self-confidence, but will also help you achieve that ultimate satisfaction in your sex life.

It has been known that VigRX Plus was causing a 58.97% in the ability to penetrate a woman on average. VigRX Plus is a remarkable formula that can give your sexual drive an exceptional move with an incredible stamina.

With VigRX Plus pills, you wouldn’t be Mr. Average anymore and you can satisfy your woman more than she had ever imagined.

VigRX Plus has been proven to prompt harder, long lasting and ultimately stronger erections. It increases your ability to penetrate your partner further and satisfy her at your best. The benefits of VigRX Plus are enormous as it not only boost your sexual desired, but will increase the orgasms like never before.

This male enhancement product has been found tremendously successful in transforming the sex lives of men around the globe. The consumers of VigRX Plus have experienced almost 47% increase in sexual drive.

The usage of VigRX Plus male enhancement supplement is not all complicated, as it comes in a simple pill form. You can take VigRX Plus easily while carrying out your normal day activities.

The formula is manufactured by a renowned company, Leading Edge Health, which is already known as for the successful products from past many years. VigRX Plus is an absolutely safe product with all natural ingredients that makes it completely free from side effects.

Moreover, VigRX Plus male enhancement pill comes with an attractive 67 day money back guarantee, which means that you can easily try VigRX Plus for increasing your penis without any risk of losing your money.

Ingredients of VigRX Plus

The science and ingredients behind VigRX Plus are all simple and involves increasing the blood flow to the penis to offer hard erections for longer time.

The ingredients list of VigRX Plus includes Bioperine, Damiana, Tribulus, Hawberry and Korean Red Ginseng to achieve all the factors of penis enhancement.

All these ingredients helps in contributing stronger erections with boosted sexual drive and great stamina. The inclusion of Bioperine is there in VigRX Plus for another reason as well.

It has been found from studies that Bioperine can allow the ingredients to enter and get absorbed in your system at a much faster rate and make the positive effects occur speedily.

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Dangers of Male Enhancement Products

Many male enhancement products are available in the market these days, enhancement pills like Male Extra is one of them. These enhancement products give folks a chance to enhance their sexual drive by improving the size of their sex organs.

Still, the question arises that whether these products worth your investment or not?

Almost all products claim that they can show positive results with maximum benefits and zero side effects. However, not all products deliver what they claim, severe or mild aftereffects are involved.

Having authentic knowledge about such product helps you to make an empowered decision based on positive and negative side effects. In case you’re thinking about taking a male upgrade item, then this guide is a must read for you!

Male enhancement pills v/s devices

As compared to other products, male enhancement pill are said to have more side effects. Enhancement devices do not have as such reaction, if not used for long-term. The only issue with devices is that they don’t give desired results or give short term results. Moreover, devices are for outer use, while pills are consumed so they can affect your internal organs directly. Taking medicines without a doctor’s recommendation can be harmful in many ways. Let’s have a detailed look on possible aftereffects of enhancement pills and supplements.

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Side effects of Male enhancement pills and Supplements

Although every product comes in the market with the promise to be 100% safe, but that’s not true always. Similarly, there are always hidden aftereffects of enhancement pills and supplements too, no matter what products claim. Here, you will read about common adverse side effects of these pills. Have a look.

  1. Dizziness, Headaches, and Nausea

These are most common side effects that people complain about after taking any penis enhancement pills. These reactions can be intense or mild, depending upon the dosage and nature of product. These reactions usually occur when a person is taking any medicine for the first time, though the potency of these effects decreases over the time.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Some of these pills also cause irregular blood flow in a body that leads to high blood pressure. People often experience a drastic increase in their blood pressure after taking any male enhancement pill. This is why; patients who are already suffering from hypertension should not risk their lives.

  1. Nervousness

Nervousness is another secondary response that forces men to avoid such pills. As it causes an abnormal blood flow. As a result, an individual experience anxiety and agitation.

Herbal pills also bring side effects with them:

For some guys, the prospect of heading off to a specialist in order to discuss their male enhancement issues is a major turn off. That is the reason they swing to herbal male enhancement products that have a decent reputation for being viable. Although, just like any other products herbal treatment also claims to is 100%, but they having some adverse reactions too.

Common side effects of the herbal medicines are,

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness

Though the side effects of herbal and prescriptive medicines are same but the degree and chances of occurrence differ. For herbal pills, the level and chances of side effects are less.

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Allergies, a potential side effect

One of the most ignored symptoms of male enhancement items are allergies that may cause due to the unsuitable ingredients. Primary unfavorable responses can incorporate skin rashes, hives, and swelling. If you encounter difficulty in breathing after taking a male improvement item, make sure to consult with a specialist quickly.

Male enhancement pills enhancing penis size and giving a boost to your sexual life motivate people to ignore side effects and take them. However, there are various medicines like Male Extra with minimum side effects too. This is why; a little research can save you from investing in wrong product. Also, it is important to see a doctor and discuss your medical history in order to prevent regretful circumstances. Therefore, if you are planning to take certain pills, the first thing you should do is to see a doctor for proper consultation.

Besides pills, there are many other treatments for this cause too. So, if you are looking for a safe way to enhance your male organ, then try exercises. You can find many exercises on internet these days, check them out.

Final Words

Thick, big and hard penis is the “most wanted” thing these days. Not just by women but men too. This is why, men are trying different methods to achieve their goal, enhancement pills like Male Extra are one of those methods. These pills and supplement can leave side effects in the user. So, it is advised to talk to a specialist in this regard for better results.

Your penis need to be taken care like rest of your organs, so don’t ignore it.

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